Company Evolution | Mandarin Morning

  • General Manager of Shanghai Volkswagen, Carsten

Teacher Chang was very patient with me and taught me from the most basic conversation in Chinese, also give me news and dynamic views of automotive industry, so I can have good communication with co-workers in Chinese. I needed some business knowledge, so teacher would find a lot of information from the internet for me to learn.

  • Auchan Group President, Mr. Tan

My Chinese level is between mid to high, my working hours are very busy and unstable, so the teacher have to arrange the time to fit my schedule, which I am very grateful to teacher Yang. I need to improve my business presentations and business writing skills in Chinese. Teacher Yang improved my Chinese based on my work files and needs of negotiations content with the customers where my wording is not very good. I really like how teacher pointed it out for me.

  • Marketing Manager of the Industrial Bank, Jean

Prior to the Chinese learning at Mandarin Morning, I had learned five years of Chinese, also had a personal teacher, but wasn’t helpful to my job. I need someone that can analyze the dynamics of market with me and develop a sales plan. Teacher Zhang bought the First Financial and explain it to me, I feel it was really helpful and he knows what I need to learn.