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Learn Chinese in Shanghai is more and more important especially you work for a global company. Say hello in mandarin is Nǐhǎo!  You must be confused why i told you use ni hao, then you can read followings.

Chinese is the most widely spoken language on the planet and it is already an important means of communicating in many global companies. There is a growing need for bilingual employees at nearly every company. Learning Chinese as a foreign language has recently drawn much attention that can be seen in increased interest in mandarin schools. It can sometimes be very difficult to learn Chinese. However, it is always worth the effort and rewarding in the end. If over a billion people could do it, so can you and the people in your company. Besides individual’s motivation, choosing a good school will contribute significantly this learning process. It is advisable to choose a high-quality Chinese school in the country where Chinese is spoken.  Mandarin Morning is an established and well recognized Chinese Language Study Center located in central Shanghai. Our primary goal is to offer foreigners an ever growing range of high quality corporate training that enhances individuals’ learning to communicate with skill and confidence in China. Therefore, we offer top quality mandarin lessons and corporate training to business professionals and companies.

Our Corporate Chinese training is implemented in diverse levels that are designed for every purpose. General Chinese Course aims to help foreign employees to communicate in their daily work routines. Business Chinese is more business oriented and is designed to suit the needs of persons working and doing business in China. Manager Chinese as the name refers is critical for foreign leaders, who are involved in managing businesses in China. Company Chinese Course can be modified according to the needs of different departments within a company. A company’s marketing department uses different terms than their financial department and this is the basis of this course. Embassies Chinese is adjusted to teach the common words in the vocabulary of embassies that enhance communicating more effectively. Tailor-made Courses can be applied for different industries such as banking, automotive and chemical industries etc. In another words you can learn mandarin in shanghai as easily as possible. Then feeding your Chinese language intincts.

Many people who work in finance or economic occupations, you may be seen the finance crisis, then you have to do that when you are meet bad things. Find a new job in China would be a good choice. Then you need learn Chinese. Many students are curious about Chinese idioms, then find interests and learn how to use them is helpful for your learning then help you to find your new job.

We have acted in numerous successful cases for teaching companies who have found themselves interested in learning mandarin. These companies come from diverse industries. Nevertheless, they have experienced our training to be very beneficial for improving their employees’ language skills. Additionally, Mandarin Morning is recommended as preferred Chinese language school by over ten embassies in Shanghai. Companies of all kinds are encouraged to sign-up as we have many classes attuned to meet the specific needs of every company. Whether you want a better understanding of your Chinese colleagues or to make your company more localized, our highly qualified teachers will help you achieve your goals. Our teachers are all graduates majored in foreign language and have a certificate of teaching Chinese language. Our teachers are young and dynamic, who possess excellent oral expression skills. Our teachers receive training on a regular basis in order to improve their teaching abilities.

Our learning system includes five steps that support the overall learning process: assessment, agreement, development, achievement andcontinuous development. Assessment provides extensive diagnostic tests for identifying your proficiency level, learning strengths and the areas in which we can help you to improve, such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing, listening and speaking. When you begin your course, as part of the agreement step, your Chinese instructor will discuss with you regarding your objectives. Your teacher will create a personalized “learning contract” for you and decides the best plan for meeting your specific learning objectives. In the development step, our teachers regularly evaluate your progress. You will receive regular consultations to discuss about your development. Achievement is the step where you will receive regular reports concerning your progress. These reports will assess your proficiency, development and progress in detail. Continuous development is the final step in the system and it states that your language learning should be an ongoing process. We will provide you with guidance about how you can continue improving your Chinese language skills.

Besides our personalized courses offered, skilled teachers and teaching system, we concentrate on disseminating Chinese culture in an environment that is designed with traditional Chinese style and is located in near Jing’an Temple. During the past six years, we have taught more than 8000 foreign students and several companies. Even though they come from different backgrounds, they share the same interest in learning Chinese. Our unique way of teaching has helped them to learn Chinese in Shanghai with lowering language barriers. Therefore, Mandarin Morning is accredited by the department of Shanghai Government for operating as mandarin school that offers foreigners, companies and international students a wide range of mandarin courses and an opportunity to learn Chinese in Shanghai.

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