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At Mandarin Hanhe we believe that the most effective way to learn or develop your Chinese language skills is from face to face interaction with a professional, native speaking Chinese teacher. That’s why we only select the best teachers to give you the greatest experience learning Chinese with us.

No matter your level, complete beginner to advanced, our Mandarin teachers adapt and design methods to suit your personal interests and individual styles of learning, ensuring you get the most out of your time with us. Our speciality is helping you learn language quickly and affordably, and through identifying your personal learning styles, we are able to achieve that.

Our Mandarin teachers in Shanghai have a variety of backgrounds and teaching styles making it easy to match to your interests, goals, and desires in your Chinese language study. As well as this, all our Chinese teachers are adaptable and make use of a variety of methods when teaching, so that no matter what kind of learner you are, the lessons are effective for you. All our teachers are young and dynamic, possessing excellent oral expression skills and the ability to keep the class fully engaged throughout. In addition they continue to receive regular training to ensure their standards are kept at the ultimate level. This training guarantees our current excellent service is continually maintained and developed; meaning our current level of service is preserved into the future.

Rita – My life-long passion has always been teaching

Chinese teacher in shanghai-Fiona

Rita has more than 15 years experience teaching Chinese. Her enthusiasm for her work has never faltered and is apparent in every class she teaches. It has resulted in her becoming the founder and director of Mandarin Morning and a member of the International Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA). Her vast knowledge and experience means she has dealt with a huge variety of students from all walks of life, each with their own needs and learning styles, and means she is open-minded and has the ability to recognise each of these and adapt to the best individual style for her students. Rita’s unquestionable passion and dedication for teaching has transformed the lives of hundreds of students.

Lan Qifeng – Seeing my students enjoying learning is what makes my job so special

Chinese teacher in shanghai-Lan Qifeng

Lan Qifeng is a teacher who is passionate about her work. She is able to put across the teaching method most suitable for her class, so that the students can benefit efficiently, meaning they are able to make fast progress in a short period of time. She places great importance on her students enjoying her classes and believes that the preparation of each lesson is paramount to achieving this. Therefore she prepares each lesson in advance with dedicated time and effort. She feels that with a strong interest and good attitude supported by the most effective teaching methods, everyone can succeed in learning perfect Chinese.

Yang Liwei – Watching my students achieve their goals is what makes teaching worthwhile

Chinese teacher in shanghai-Yang Liwei

Yang Liwei is an enthusiastic and experienced Mandarin teacher. She has a long involvement with research into Chinese teaching and therefore is very knowledgeable about the most effective and useful methods in the classroom. She strives to create the most dynamic and inspiring learning environment in order for her students to reach their full potential and accelerate their learning progress. She is able to identify the best methods suitable for her class, gauging from her years of experience and research, meaning her students benefit from the most effective and efficient teaching styles suited to them.

Li Yuemei – I love getting to know and interacting with my students

Chinese teacher in shanghai-Li Yuewei

Li Yuemei has more than seven years of experience teaching Chinese. Her classes are interactive, humorous, enthusiastic, and she has a talent for creating a comfortable learning environment making her students feel confident and at ease. Her students are kept engaged and feeling involved, which makes them active in the learning process. She has the ability to effectively encourage any student to participate in class discussions or just feel the confidence to ask questions openly and feel part of the room. Her approach to teaching is appreciated by all her students and recognised for its positive and interactive nature.

Zhang Haibin – I love seeing my students feeling proud holding their certificates at the end of the course. It makes me feel like we really achieved something amazing together that could change their life in China

Chinese teacher in shanghai-Zhang Haibin

Zhang Haibin’s ultimate goal in teaching is to enhance all of her students’ potentials and see them grow and develop. Her motivation for teaching comes from her desire to influence students’ lives in China by empowering them with essential and invaluable language skills. Her students are able to engage with her on a level which makes it easy for them to want to become involved and interactive. Her warm personality, sense of responsibility for her students, and her wonderful sense of humour means she always earns respect and positive feedback from them all and her love for both teaching and her students in unquestionable.

Zhang Libo – I love that my job could help people develop in their careers and aid them to reach their full potential

Chinese teacher in shanghai-Zhang Libo

Zhang Libo is hugely passionate for teaching Mandarin and her easy-going personality means she is able to provide a fun learning experience for all of her Mandarin Chinese learners. Her light hearted approach in her teaching method is appreciated greatly by her students and means she is able to create a relaxed and positive atmosphere in the classroom. She always achieves great results through her students in this way and it is one of the reasons why her students respond so well to her classes. She is particularly experienced in teaching business Chinese; therefore she is also ideal for advanced level students wishing to learn Chinese business language.