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  • Mandarin Hanhe— An Accredited Language Training School

Accreditation sets apart those schools deserving recognition, and it validates a school’s trustworthiness and quality. Our unique way of teaching has helped thousands of foreigners to learn Chinese in Shanghai and other main Chinese cities. Therefore, Mandarin Morning has successfully gone through the process of accreditation by the department of Shanghai Government for operating as a Confucius School that offers foreigners, companies and international students an opportunity to learn Chinese in Shanghai with a wide range of mandarin courses. In the year 2012, Mandarin Hanhe and Nanjing Medical University signed a cooperation agreement to jointly offer high quality Chinese language training to foreigners.

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Mandarin Morning is a famous training school in Shanghai, with the creative and positive team, Mandarin Morning make a big progress. Get the permission from the China Confucius Institute and Hanban in June,2013, Mandarin Morning is allowed to organized the new HSK test, which is a new start for Mandarin Morning and which is challenge too.

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