Chinese Language School in Shanghai

Our Chinese School Award

The school honor: Medal. Since 2005, Mandarin Morning has provided Mandarin Chinese language classes in Shanghai. Our well recognized Mandarin School is centrally located in Jing’an district, just three minutes’ walk from Jing’an Metro Station. From language exchange to specialized classes, we provide high-quality language learning that suits the individual learning needs of foreigners living and working in Shanghai. All kinds of people are encouraged to sign up for our language courses as we offer many customized courses at a very reasonable price.

Our Chinese School near Jing'an Temple

  The school landmarks: Jingan Temple. Today we teach listening, reading and writing the Chinese language to more than 300 students from all over the worldand during the past six years, we have taught more than 8000 students and several companies. Even though they come from different backgrounds, they share the same interest in learning Chinese. Our unique way of teaching has helped them to learn Chinese in a way that is fun, effective and flexible. Whether you want to lower the impact of language barriers in your daily communicating or you want a better understanding of your Chinese colleagues,our highly qualified teachers will help you to achieve your goals.Our teachers are all graduates majored in foreign language and hold a certificate of teaching Chinese language. With the help of our skilled teachers, our students will learn how to read, write and speak Chinese. Some of our clients prefer to study at home. Therefore, our Mandarin teachers are happy to teach you anywhere you want.

Confucius style

The school environment: Confucius style. Besides our personalized courses offered, skilled teachers and teaching system, we concentrate on disseminating Chinese culture in an environment that is designed with traditional Chinese style. Participating in our classes offers you an opportunity to become more familiar with Chinese culture as we offer free culture courses and activities to our clients.  If you are travelling to Shanghai, we can arrange you services such as airport pickup or accommodation to make your arrival more convenient.

HSK Test classroom

HSK Test Room. Learning Chinese as a foreign language has recently drawn much attention that can be seen in increased interest in mandarin schools. It can sometimes be very difficult to learn Chinese. However, it is always worth the effort and rewarding in the end. If over a billion people could do it, so can you. Besides individual’s motivation, choosing a good school will contribute significantly this learning process. It is advisable to choose a high-quality Chinese school in the country where Chinese is spoken. Our primary goal is to offer foreigners an ever growing range of high quality Chinese language training that enhances individuals’ learning to communicate with skill and confidence in China.