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The Tailor-made Chinese Course Shanghai

Mandarin Hanhe offers courses specifically designed to meet the learning needs of individuals working among different industries. Whether your daily communication includes vocabulary related to automobile industry or you work in the Banking industry which requires you to understand some industry specific terms in trading, this course will provide you with a wider focus on the vocabulary used in the specific industry. Compared to our business course, this course is all about your industry requirements from beginning till the end. Once you have completed this course, you are able to communicate effectively in the daily demands of your specific industry. This Mandarin course is divided into three levels of beginner, intermediate and advanced, where you learn at your own pace based on your own time demands and abilities. You will get a professional assessment of your level and a study plan that concentrates on your specific learning goals. We developed our own methodology focusing on modern Mandarin and we propose “tailor-made” contents for those who want to learn more about a specific field or topic. Our core method is made of five levels ranging from beginner to expert, each with its own textbook. Students can attend Chinese lessons focusing either on Business Chinese or daily life Chinese. This will help you tackle the linguistic issues that come up in the professional world, whatever field you are in.

We have acted in numerous successful cases for teaching individuals who have found themselves interested in studying Chinese. These individuals work indiverse industries.Nevertheless, they have experienced our training to be very beneficial for improving their language skills. Additionally, Mandarin Hanhe is recommended as preferred Chinese language school by over ten embassies in Shanghai. Companies of all kinds are encouraged to sign-up as we have many classes attuned to meet the specific needs of every company.

Finance industry:

Auchan group, Bluescope Steel,Ge, Horwath HTL ,Bosch,Valspar

Automobile industry:

 Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive CompanyMercedes Benz Shanghai

Banking industry:

Industrial Bank Shanghai branchThe German Schwarzwald root state bankStandard Chartered Bank (Shanghai) company Spain’s Santander bank Shanghai branch

Consulates and Embassies

Consulate General of GreeceThe British ConsulateConsulate General of MexicoThe Uzbek EmbassySweden consulate

Tailor-made Chinese Course levels

  • Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • High-ranking

Tailor-made Chinese Course types

  • 1 on 1
  • 1 on 2
  • Group

Tailor-made Chinese Course Period

  • 5 months
  • 9months
  • 1-2 years

Tailor-made Chinese Course Time

  • Daytime:9:00-6:00pm
  • Eveningtime:7:00-9:00pm

Tailor-made Chinese Course places

  • Mandarin School
  • Home
  • Office
  • Coffee shop

Tailor-made Chinese Course Price