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Chinese culture-中国文化- zhōnɡɡuó wénhuà|Mandarin Morning Chinese School in Shanghai
Chinese culture Chinese culture is one of the world’s oldest cultures. The area in which the culture is dominant covers a large geographical region in eastern Asia with customs and traditions varying greatly between provinces, cities, and even towns. Important components of Chinese culture include literature, music, visual arts, martial arts, cuisine, etc.
农-nónɡ key words
nónɡ yè wén mínɡ
 农     业    文  明
tiān shí   dì  lì     rén hé
  天 时  、地利 、 人和
yīn yánɡ wǔ xínɡ
 阴  阳  五  行
nónɡ mín qǐ yì
  农    民    起义
Important components of Chinese agriculture culture include agriculture history,yin-yang and five elements,peasants’ revolution,just the right time, the right place & the right person, etc.
宫-ɡōnɡ ɡōnɡ tínɡ

  宫   廷
ɡōnɡ tínɡ  zhì dù
  宫   廷     制  度
lǐ  yí
yǐn shí
 饮 食
fú shì
 服 饰
jiào yù
 教  育
 Chinese palace culture include a hierarchic system of socio-economic classes known as the four occupations,architectural styles,Dressing tyles, etc.
儒-rú key words
rú  jiā
 儒 家
dào jiā
 道  家
mò jiā
 墨  家
fǎ jiā
All classes of authors at ancient China include kinds of sects that the Confucian,Taoists,Mohist,Legalists,etc.
Chinese culture-琴棋书画- qínqí-shūhuà|Mandarin Morning Chinese School in Shanghai
琴-qín There are many musical instruments that are integral to Chinese culture, such as the Xun, Guzheng,guqin,sheng and xiao,the erhu,pipa,and many others.
棋-qí  A number of games and pastimes are popular within Chinese culture. The most common game is Mah Jong.weiqi and xiangqi are also popular.
书-shū Chinese handwriting is distinguished by more than longevity, reciliency, and culture. Famous calligraphers include Wang Xizhi,Huang Ting jian,Qi gong,etc.
画-huà Chinese painting became a highly appreciated art in court circles encompassing a wide variety of Shan shui with specialized styles.
Chinese culture-十二生肖- shí'èr shēnɡxiāo|Mandarin Morning Chinese School in Shanghai
相- xiānɡ
思- sī All classes of authors at ancient China include kinds of sects that the Confucian,Taoists,Mohist,Legalists,etc. They offer different ideas about life. For example, the Confucian views it is a balance that all of humans,animals,plants and so on, human beings should not destroy this balance. But Taoists doesn’t agree with the Confucian, he said people are  completely isolated from each other all their lives.
戏-xì There are many kinds of opera in China,such as Beijing opera,Shanghai opera,Shaanxi opera, etc. especially the origin of Shaanxi opera traces back to Qin dynasty.
节-jié  key words
yuán xiāo jié
 元   宵   节
qī xī
七 夕
zhònɡ yánɡ jié
  重   阳   节
là bā jié
腊 八  节


Chinese culture-中国建筑- zhōnɡɡuó jiànzhù|Mandarin Morning Chinese School in Shanghai
北- běi Buildings of Northern are considered that the cold weather so that you will find a phenomenon. Their walls called double wall for keeping people warm. Most of Chinese palace buildings are yellow and red.In archic China the gold color is only used by the emperors or kings.The famous northern buildings include The Palace (the Forbidden City), the Summer Palace,the Great Wall,etc.
南- nán The buildings of South China near the rivers are very small with white and gray. The southern buildings include Suzhou Garden,Hangzhou graden.The Chinese saying that there is heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth.
汉-hàn key words
Chinese characters are logograms used in the writing of Chinese (where they may be called hanzi;汉字/漢字 “Han character”) .
医- yī Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM; simplified Chinese: 中医; traditional Chinese: 中醫; pinyin: zhōng yī; literally “Chinese medicine”) is a broad range of medicine practices sharing common theoretical concepts which have been developed in China and are based on a tradition of more than 2,000 years, including various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage (Tui na), exercise (qigong), and dietary therapy.
教- jiào Chinese religions include Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism,etc. Many Chinese people will go to temple at the first day and the fifteenth day of month.For example,Shanghainese will go to Jing’an temple at 1st June and 15th June.
艺- yì There are many kinds of Chinese artistries in China. They include paper-cut, embroidery, Chinese kite (embroidery), Chinese knot, clay figurines, dragon and phoenix patterns (Taotie, Ruyi pattern, Lei Wen, fret, bar lines), etc.
Chinese culture-中华武术- zhōnɡhuá wǔshù|Mandarin Morning Chinese School in Shanghai
Important key  words
shǎo lín ɡōnɡfū
 少   林  功夫
nán quán běi tuǐ
 南  拳   北  腿
shíbā bān bīnɡqì
 十八  般  兵器
lǐ xiǎo lónɡ
李  小   龙
武-wǔ China is one of the main birth places of Eastern martial arts. Chinese martial arts are collectively given the name Kung Fu ((gong) “achievement” or “merit”, and (fu) “man”, thus “human achievement”) or (previously and in some modern contexts) Wushu (“martial arts” or “military arts”). The arts have also co-existed with a variety of weapons including the more standard 18 arms. Legendary and controversial moves like Dim Mak are also praised and talked about within the culture.
Chinese culture includes different kinds of cultures and views. There are middle culture, regions south of the Yangtze River culture, northern culture, southern culture, Desert style culture, Mongolia grassland,etc.
礼-lǐ Chinese courtesy is very complex. Wedding manners, funeral ceremony manners, New years manners, etc. some Chinese people will dress different dressing in different situations.
衣-yī Dressing is different styles and very beautiful. They are Han-dressing(people dressings in Han dynasty or Han nation),miao dressing(Miao nation), Uygur ethnic group dressing(Uygur ethnic group), chi-pao(Manchu),etc.

花- huāChinese people called 四大雅戏(si da ya xi) means flowers,birds,insects,fishes. Peony is Chinese country flowers; Many Chinese poets love lotus,chrysanthemum, plum blossom, orchid,bamboo.

Chinese culture-四大发明- Ssdà fāmínɡ|Mandarin Morning Chinese School in Shanghai

造- zào key words
zàozhǐ shù
 造纸   术
huó zì yìnshuā
 活 字   印刷

Chinese National virtues include honor their parents,honest and trustworthy, respect for teachers.Chinese sayings that Don’t miss doing any good thing no matter how insignificant it looks.


The jade in the world (especially in East Asia) classification a gem each area has been widely welcomed. Broad sense not only includes the jadeite and nephrite jade, also including the serpentine, lapis lazuli, agate, coral, marble and other sense of the gem.


Chinese food includes Sichuan cuisine,Shandong cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, Fujian,Jiangsu cuisine,Zhejiang cuisine,Hunan cuisine, and Anhu cuisine.

鱼- yú

In China, people will change their old new year’s pictures. You will find the new year’s pictures with two fish or double fish. But you will ask: why are they fish in new year’s pictures? The reason is that fish means your home always remain money,food,water,etc. in another word your family always have a good life every year.

Chinese culture-Influence

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