Chinese Course Shanghai

We offer a wide range of Chinese courses aimed at your personal and professional development, at levels and times to suit you. Our General Chinese Course is designed for foreigners who come to live in China. The course has three levels of implementation: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. The starting level is selected based on your existing Chinese level.

The first level is elementary course in which you will learn the basics of Chinese, from greetings and basic conversational skills to being able to shop, use public transport, see a doctor, travel and rent an apartment. This is an intensive basic course designed for students who are eager to begin the Chinese language by learning both the pinyin and characters. Once you have finished this course, you will have the basic survival skills in Chinese for communicating in daily life and at work. These skills consist of knowing more than 1000 words, 200 sentences, and recognizing different tones. Most importantly, students learn how to appreciate the Chinese culture.This course will lay a solid foundation for further Chinese studies and helps in preparing for the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK).

The intermediate Chinese course is designed to further develop the language skills in Chinese based on the beginners Chinese course. This level is recommended for students who have completed the Elementary course or those that possess a vocabulary of approximately 1000 words. In this level you will learn further Chinese grammar, vocabulary and key sentence patterns. You will not only notice improvements in speaking and understanding Chinese conversations, but also in being able to communicate freely in daily life situations. At this level, the contents of each lesson focuses more in detail on life in China, you will learn how to talk about burning issues with your friends and colleagues. All of the texts are composed of dialogue using conversational Chinese from everyday’s situations. Therefore, intermediate level students find each lesson both practical and interesting. During the intermediate mandarin study, more than 2500 words and 700 sentences will be learned. This will have a significant effect on your communication skills in China.

The advanced course is designed to help people who have a good understanding of the Chinese language and wish to progress to an advanced level. You will learn fundamental knowledge of Chinese grammar and expand your vocabulary to a level where you will be able to communicate freely with Chinese people in both casual and formal situations, and read Chinese newspapers. With advanced communication skills you can discuss topics on current events using complex sentences. Besides these benefits, you can also expect to fully understand the Chinese culture and society.

 Private Course  Overview  Lesson /Month
 General Chinese Course  Efficient and flexible learning Chinese ,Long-term study Chinese  180 Lessons/12 months
 Intensive Chinese  Just arrive Shanghai ,from Monday to Friday,6 hours/day.  160 Lessons/1 months
 Private Business Chinese  designed to meet the needs of person working in China  180 Lessons/12 months
 Private HSK Preperation  HSK Preperation(From Level 1 to Level 6)  90 Lessons/6 months
 Chinese Character  Can speak and listen Chinese ,need read and write Chinese Character  90 Lessons/6 months
 Kids Chinese  8-15 years old ,life in Chinese  90 Lessons/6 months
 Group Course  Overview  Lesson /Week
 General Chinese Course  Daily life Chinese Courses ,Low  price ,Meet new friends 160 Lessons/1 months
 Intensive Chinese  from Monday to Friday,6 hours/day.2-8 students 160 Lessons/1 months
 Business Chinese  designed to meet the needs of person working in China 160 Lessons/1 months
 Corporate Training  Overview  Lesson /Week
 General Chinese Course  help them communication with Chinese colleague  180 Lessons/12 months
 Business Chinese  designed to meet the needs of person working in China  180 Lessons/12 months
 Manager Chinese  Foreign leaders and the Chinese staffs mix together  180 Lessons/12 months
 Company Chinese  Sales , Marketing ,Department ,HR ,imports and exports…  180 Lessons/12 months
 Embassies Chinese  Marketing ,Analytics ,Customer ,Conditions of the Chinese people  180 Lessons/12 months
 Tailor made  Banks、automotive、financial、steel、chemical industry  180 Lessons/12 months
 Chinese Program  Overview  Lesson /Week
 Summer camp  28 days ,study tour in Shanghai and Nanjing.  160 Lessons/1 months
 Internship  internship for practice medicine in Shanghai and Nanjing  160 Lessons/1 months
 Chinese Culture  Overview  Lesson /Week
 Paper-cut  a kind of art which gives people visually artistic enjoyment  40 Lesson/ 1 month
 Calligraphy  Chinese calligraphy is an expressive art  40 Lesson/ 1 month
 Painting  Traditional Chinese painting, rich in form and unique in style  40 Lesson/ 1 month
 Tai Chi  a kind of sport and fitness exercise  40 Lesson/ 1 month