Studying Chinese with multiple sources

No matter which language do you learn, multiple study sources you must use, but what are they that is multiple resurces? Or you just want to find different and multiple sources for learning Chinese in shanghai? Ok, i will show you – read following and you will find anwers.
Chinese Course information can be delivered
through a variety of formats:
Lectures by teacher or guests Textbooks Fictional story/novels
Interviewsand biographies
eyewitness accounts
or commentaries
of (text) chapters, magazine articles
Original source material
as diaries, government documents,
proceedings, minutes
Electronic media
such as videos,
radio programs
web site pages,
discussion groups
Stahl, et al (1998) found that using multiple-text sources can only be effective if we are taught to use them properly. As learning Chinese beginners, we tend to be more consistent in what information we select from short, well-constructed texts. Longer, less structured documents tend to be more confusing.
  • Text books
provide a foundation of facts and viewpoints to provide an overview
sequence information and facts to understand issues
create a context for comparing and understanding other sources
are written in a neutral, objective tone
  • Problems with a single text
for a subject or course include:
information is often “academic”
lacking the drama of real life experience, adventure, and experimentation
bias is hidden or concealed
ignoring competing facts, priorities, minority viewpoints
a single interpretation limits how reported facts are prioritized/sequenced
restricting viewpoint (Euro/Caucasian) or subject testing (white male)
original/eyewitness sources of information are secondary to interpretative accounts
Additional readings and alternative sources
of information can assist you to
  • create a richer understanding
with additional information and perspective
interact or engage with facts, actors, circumstances
of the material
practice and familiarize
yourself with new subject vocabulary and concepts
process opposing, even conflicting,
points of view in order to assess, evaluate, defend
Conflicting information however can impede your learning,
unless you can
  • analyze it for commonalties
reorganize or synthesize
your model for understanding it