Advanced Spoken Chinese 【1】


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Improving your spoken Chinese can be much more difficult than improving your listening comprehension because you need to produce Chinese speech that is not only grammatically correct, but is also understandable and appropriate for the situation. Native Chinese speakers often speak much differently than they write, and spoken Chinese has its own rules and peculiarities that differ by dialect. Improve your pronunciation so that you are understood. Practicing a new language as much as you can is undoubtedly the most effective approach to accelerate your learning process. Our Oral Chinese Course provides those who have completed their Beginner-Level studies a unique opportunity to upgrade their daily communication skills.  The common topics of our Oral Chinese Course includes, but not limited to, current event, food, books, movies, sports, hobbies, art, music, school, family, holidays, travel, weather, business, family, cultures, and shopping etc.  We believe that trough our Oral Chinese course, your Mandarin Chinese spoken expression will be substantially enhanced and you will be easily utilizing the language to make requests, ask general questions, summarize, paraphrase, report, compare and contrast, express emotion, etc. Nothing can substitute for practicing your communication skills with native Chinese speakers. Without feedback, you will have difficulty knowing what you are doing wrong and how to fix it.


第一课 名牌就是名牌
第二课 我想去公司工作
第三课 清官难断家务事
口语知识(一) 关于汉语新词语
第四课 一定要将官司进行到底
第五课 可怜天下父母心
第六课 钱该怎么花?
口语知识(二)  汉语中的成语、俗语、惯用语和歇后语
第七课 婚姻就像一双鞋
第八课 让世界充满爱
第九课 有什么别有病
口语知识(三)  普通话的轻声词和儿化词
第十课      女为悦己者容?
第十一课   广告是多还是少?
第十二课  献一点爱心给动物朋友
口语知识(四)  汉语高级口语常用结构及表达法