Chinese for Managers -Business Chinese Volume 2

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Business Chinese Course is more business oriented and is designed to suit the needs of persons working and doing business in Shanghai. Anyone who travels internationally or has worked overseas knows how invaluable language skills are. The goodwill and credibility a business professional gains from communicating in another language can make the difference between success and failure in the increasingly competitive global marketplace these details. China’s dramatic economic growth over the past decade has fueled a world-wide demand for learning Mandarin Chinese language. There is a growing need for bilingual employees at nearly every company. The frequent problems that today’s businesses are constantly facing are not only the language barriers but also lack of knowledge on the Chinese business etiquette and enterprise culture. Our unique way of teaching has helped many business professionals to learn Chinese and lower these language barriers. Our Business Mandarin Course combines standard Mandarin Chinese with industry specific and dialogue which helps you easily handle the complexities of your business environment. Our goal is to teach our clients to become able to communicate with Chinese as well as to acquire a better understanding of Chinese business and culture.




第十一单元 签订合同
第十二单元 商业纠纷
第十三单元 营销与广告
第十四单元 销售与服务
第十五单元 企业管理与文化
第十六单元 经济特区和开发区
第十七单元 环保与建设
第十八单元 知识产权
第十九单元 证券市场
第二十单元 可持续发展