Intermediate Chinese Language of Daily Life (1)

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For those who are planning to live in China for a short period of time or want to learn Chinese quickly and affordably, this will be an ideal program. Intensive Chinese Lessons are offered 4-6 hours a day of period of 4-12 weeks to help you not only gain a good knowledge about Chinese culture and business etiquette, but most importantly the basic Mandarin Chinese language skills in a short time. This program focuses on oral expressions and daily communications. Intensive learning program is most suitable for those who are going to travel, work or study in China. Our wide range of intensive courses can be aimed at your personal Chinese level and times to suit you.

The intensive Chinese Courses can also include a particular focus on some of our other teaching programs such as General Chinese, Business Chinese and Corporate training. This more focused approach is especially suitable for those who wish to grasp the vocabulary of some certain area in a relatively short term through an intensive learning period. Once you have completed the Intensive Chinese course, we will provide you with a Certification of Completion.

Intensive Chinese Course levels

  • Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • High-ranking

Intensive Chinese Course types

  • 1 on 1
  • 1 on 2
  • Group

Intensive Chinese Course Period

  • 5 months
  • 9months
  • 1-2 years

Intensive Chinese Course Time

  • Daytime:9:00-6:00pm
  • Eveningtime:7:00-9:00pm

Intensive Chinese Course places

  • Mandarin School
  • Home
  • Office
  • Coffee shop



Dì-yī Kè Wo zai niuyue zhu le qiba nian

第一课 我在纽约住了七八年

Dì-èr Kè Zhongqiujie ni zenm guo?
第二课 中秋节你怎么过?

Dì-sān Kè Wo gang ba ta fang zai chouti li
第三课 我刚把它放在抽屉里

Dì-sì Kè Duibuqi,wo chidao le
第四课 对不起,我迟到了

Dì-wǔ Kè Wo cong bu canjia lvyou tuan
第五课 我从不参加旅游团

Dì-liù Kè Yi lushang shunli ma?
第六课 一路上顺利吗?

Dì-qī Kè Zhen ji si wo le
第七课 真急死我了!

Dì-bā Kè Ta zhang de shenme yang?
第八课 她长的什么样?

Dì-jiǔ Kè Dai tamen qu nail wan hao ne?
第九课 带他们去哪里玩儿好呢?

Dì-shí Kè Zhe jia shuma guangchang zhen da a !
第十课 这家数码广场真大啊!