Learn Chinese Character – Wen

Learn Chinese Character - Wen

Do you like ask a question ? Do you ask a question in your mother tongue? I guess everyone asked questions in their language. For me, i did it so many times cyuyvgz. But if you leave for China and will live in China? how to ask a question in Chinese or Mandarin? If you say no, then you need to read followings: why? This article will teach you know a Chinese character – wen means ask !

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wèn to ask
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Chinese word-group Pinyin Definition
不问 bù wèn pay
反问 fǎn wèn ask
访问 fǎng wèn pay
顾问 gù wèn adviser
过问 guò wèn (v)
拷问 kǎo wèn to
盘问 pán wèn interrogate
请问 qǐng wèn may