Learn Chinese Character – Qing

Learn Chinese Character - Qing

Qing wen? I think if you learn Chinese as a beginner, your mandarin teacher will teach you this word at first time. Qing is similar for excuse me. So you know this Chinese character is so common and all-important in your Chinese learning? One question – you can speak qing wen and you can’t write it with right strokes, don’t worry about that, this article will teach you how to write it and how to use it in another ways.

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Simplified Trad Pronunciation Definition
qǐng to ask | to invite | please (do sth) | to treat (to a meal, etc) | to request
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Chinese word-group Pinyin Definition
呈请 chéng qǐng to
聘请 pìn qǐng engage
请便 qǐng biàn (phr)
请假 qǐng jià ask
请教 qǐng jiào consult
请看 qǐng kàn please
请客 qǐng kè give
请求 qǐng qiú request